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Flowers are what most people think of when referring to cannabis. Flowers provides relief within minutes and suits a wide variety of ailments.

Indiana Bubblegum

Starting at $12.00

THC 15.3%CBD 0.4%

Starting at $12.00

THC 19.1%CBD 1.5%
Tina Danza

Starting at $12.00

THC 19.9%CBD 1.3%
Grape Pie

Starting at $12.00

THC 14.5%CBD 1.2%

Starting at $12.00

THC 16.8%CBD 0.7%
Frost Boss

Starting at $12.00

THC 19.3%CBD 0.4%
Mob Boss

Starting at $12.00

THC 15.5%CBD 1.2%
Racefuel OG

Starting at $12.00

THC 14.36%CBD 1.15%


Our full-flower, single-strain Pre-Rolls are rolled with all natural hemp rolling papers and top quality flower. Easy to enjoy and ready to grab and go.


Our oil is 100% pure and contains only natural terpenes, derived from top quality flower. We respect the plant through clean extraction methods.


Enjoy localized relief and enjoy the benefits of the plant without any of the psychoactive effects. Derived from 100% pure, top-quality THC and CBD oil, these are innovative new ways to feel good.


Apothecanna, body and wellness line is designed to enhance your active lifestyle. The all-natural ingredients in Apothecanna are purposefully picked for their therapeutic values and work together synergistically creating a powerful and effective wellness product. Simply put, it’s nature to the next level. These items are excluded from Daily Deals.

Select CBD

Select CBD products are hemp-derived and use naturally extracted essences paired with pure CBD oil. These items are excluded from Daily Deals.

Mr. Moxey's Mints

Delectable, portable and discreet, Mr. Moxey’s Mints are formulated with herbal synergists tailored to elevate the cannabis experience. These items are excluded from Daily Deals.


An expertly cultivated, meticulously curated suite of cannabis products, specifically designed to enhance everyday experiences. These items are excluded from Daily Deals.

Collection Products

Shop our curated collection of pipes, artist collaborations and limited-run products. These items won't last - get them while you can!


Enhance your top-quality products with top-quality gear. We believe respecting the plant means finding the most beautiful ways to amplify and enjoy it.


Designed and made to help you look and feel good. Wear Sunday Goods Apparel wherever you go.

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